Boyz II Men at BankPlus Amphitheater

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BankPlus Amphitheatre at Snowden Grove | Southaven, Mississippi

Boyz II Men

When most people think of soul and R&B music, it’s a Boyz II Men song that pops into their heads! The now trio of Philly natives is going on tour, and they’re making a stop at the BankPlus Amphitheater in Southaven, Mississippi on Thursday 10th, October 2024. This is the perfect idea for date night if there ever was one. There’s just nothing better to get in that mood than Boyz II Men, is there? One of the songs that they’re likely going to be singing on this night is literally titled “I’ll Make Love To You.” Talk about being direct about it, but Boyz II Men have a sense of class to say these types of things that has never and will never be matched.

Robin Thicke and his “Blurred Lines” is going to be the opening act on this night. An interesting choice, considering that Thicke is a musician who’s a bit more upbeat than the Boyz. Maybe it’s by design. They want the crowd to be riding high, to then have Boyz II Men hit them with some smooth jazz.

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What can be said about the four-time Grammy winners that hasn’t been said already? Boyz II Men are such historic musicians that pretty much everywhere they go, the city or the venue will give the trio some type of award or acknowledgment. Signaling that it’s a privilege, in this case, for the BankPlus Amphitheater in Southaven, Mississippi to have music icons putting on a show here. What’s more or less unique about Boyz II Men, though, is that they’re not only going on this victory lap singing the hits to provoke nostalgia. They all still have the voices to put on a great show!

They haven’t changed the recipe for their shows all that much over the years. Then again, why would they fix what isn’t broken? On Thursday, October 10th in Southaven, Mississippi, what you’ll get is one of Boyz opening up the song with some type of spoken “good vibe.” This spoken part was typically Michael McCary’s bit. Unfortunately, he’s no longer with the group due to health issues. The fact that they still repeat that formula is a bit of an homage to him from the three remaining members. In any case, after the small speech, in come the two other Boyz and provide the intro to a song like “On Bended Knee.”

It’s so simple, but getting a chance to see this bit live gives you chills every time. Also, these pauses provide the perfect moments to cuddle together with your partner before the song hits! Love’s going to be in the air on this night. Them Boyz really know how to work a crowd, and their vocals are still amazing. It’s a great all-around experience even if you’ve already seen them live.

The tickets next to the stage at the BankPlus Amphitheater in Southaven, Mississippi can make you feel like you’re at a private Boyz II Men concert. You’ll have no clue what’s going on behind you. Obviously, thanks to the theater’s natural elevation, you’ll be able to see the stage perfectly if you are in fact sitting a bit further back. Now, if you want more freedom to “cuddle” with your partner on this night, the lawn area might be the place to be. Click the get tickets button soon, though, because this is arguably the best show of the season at the BankPlus Amphitheater in Southaven, Mississippi. They could sell out soon!

Boyz II Men at BankPlus Amphitheatre at Snowden Grove

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